2018 HS Registration

Practice starts on 2/12.  If you do not see yourself listed on this roster then YOU CANNOT PRACTICE.

1) Register with the UHSLL at this link ($100).  Late fees start after 2/9.  In order to complete the registration you have to have a current US Lacrosse membership number.  The UHSLL registration process gives you the opportunity to renew/register your USL number, but if you want to do it separately the page is here. The fee is $35.

2) Print and fill out the following UHSLL forms: medical release form, the player contract, and the parent contract.

3) Please send a check for $225, made out to Highland High Boys Lacrosse, with the above forms and along with this Highland registration form and this Highland High Club form to:


Angie Parkin

2218 So Dallin St